Jeepers Creepers 3 Cathedral will be released in 2013

Jeepers Creepers 3 Cathedral release date is set in 2013 at this time. One of the actors in the series Twin Peaks, Ray Wise (who starred as Laura's father, Leland Palmer) say are more likely to resume their fight with people who eat strange winged figure in a series third movie Jeepers Creepers.

Wise, who played the brave Jack Taggart Sr. in Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003), said that "franchise screenwriter and director, Victor Salva wants to make a movie, and it is sure, because I talked about this in the past months. And now the movie has priority. "

Initially, Salva wanted to do a prequel, whose action takes place in the Wild West (which would explain the strange fashion choice of the evil character), but recent rumors would suggest that it is actually a sequel to last movie, whose action will take place over 20 years.

Trish Darry Jenner is the mother of adolescent, young as he was named in memory of Trish's brother, Darry Jenner, which it had lost 23 years ago. Trish has nightmares current terrible that her son suffers the same fate as her brother, killed the Creeper. Determined to do anything for her son to fall into the hands of the monster, Trish, who is now a rich and powerful woman, he promises to end once and for all with the Creeper.

Jeepers Creepers 3 Cathedral trailer will be here soon, until then we let you enjoy the second movie trailer:

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